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About Donovan Stewart


Starting his career in personal training, Donovan always knew that he wanted to support others in reaching their goals. From the simplicity of shedding pounds to the triumph of completing marathons, no aspiration seemed beyond grasp when a client worked with Donovan. His accolades from companies like Equinox and OrangeTheory Fitness bear witness to the hundreds of lives he has touched, helping them achieve what once felt unattainable.

But Donovan’s impact extends far beyond the gym floor. At Equinox, he not only earned mentorship roles but also secured top trainer positions on the sun-kissed West Coast of the US. His brainchild, the Run Clubs, became a heartbeat within the fitness community, uniting individuals on a shared path toward greatness. Donovan discovered that when you move alongside a tribe, you can journey farther than ever before.

Venturing beyond borders, Donovan embraced the global running community. As a virtual run coach for Charge Running, he connected with runners from the bustling streets of New York City to the neon-lit alleys of Tokyo. Guiding novices to lace up their sneakers and seasoned racers to cross finish lines, Donovan’s passion ignited a flame that transcended time zones.

Yet, amidst the digital camaraderie, Donovan yearned for tangible connections. He stepped into the role of a studio manager, where he not only crafted heart-pounding workouts but also nurtured a community. The hum of treadmills and the rhythm of collective breaths became his symphony, echoing the pursuit of excellence.

Running, for Donovan, isn’t just a sport; it’s a sanctuary. He believes that every person deserves the chance to discover what running means to them. From couch to 5K, he coaches with unwavering dedication, emphasizing injury prevention and cultivating the runner’s mindset.

And there’s more to Donovan’s toolkit. As a mindset coach, he delves into emotional intelligence, helping individuals mend relationships and ignite entrepreneurial flames. His purpose? To empower others to find their stride, both on the track and in life.

“Success is not the destination; it’s the journey—the sweat, the struggle, and the stories etched into our souls.” – Donovan Will

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