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To change your life, do something radically different from your past.

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

a man chasing his dreams
Chasing Happiness, even if it's all a fantasy

As I am changing the dynamic of my life, I am in constant reflection on what has got me to where I am today. Being born and raised in New York City to moving to Los Angeles, from having imaginary friends to meditating, my life has been a journey of ups and downs. I can easily acknowledge that my downs are not as down as others but my life is my own and I have my own opinions on it.

Something that has been settling in my mind in recent meditations has been the thought of what my future will look like. I've been thinking heavily on my past and my previous accomplishments and I truly have done a lot in the 31 years of being alive. I'm not going to sit here and list them all out but I have taken hours to reflect on the greatness I've done but with the completion of that project, I'm now wondering what's next and what is possible.

As we grow older, we have huge life changes. Going from spending time daily with your family to getting sent out to school and spending hours of your day at a desk. Then college and a true social shift begins then it's work and whatever else you want to create. In those days of our youth, we don't get a choice to shift, as we are in the "adult" life, we have to choose to chase the unattainable, we have to choose what is next and what is possible.

Our parents/guardians can see something that we don't when we are young but we can see things that they don't. We learn to shove those dreams down the drain and believe that we can achieve them one day but what if we died in the next minute? Would we be happy with our accomplishments and/or our pursuits?

As I'm getting ready to launch something I've been scared of doing for the past 10 years, I want you to sit and think about this question.

What are you afraid of achieving in your life?

Seriously, take the next 5 minutes and just write out some thoughts when you read that question, see where that rabbit hole can take you. I'm sure that will be better than doomscrolling on your mobile device.


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