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When I lived in bustling New York City, I began to notice a pattern. Each day felt like a repetition, a treadmill of existence where I was running hard but not moving forward. It was as if I was getting stronger internally, yet externally, I remained stuck. As a competitive personal trainer and group fitness instructor in the Financial District, I consistently ranked among the top five producers. My classes were always sold out, but an elusive something was missing. Deep down, it felt like my life was slipping through my fingers, like water escaping my grasp.

Take A Breath

Awareness is the first step toward change. Are there areas in your life where things are just happening, slipping away despite your efforts to hold on? It’s okay—you’re aware of it now. And with awareness comes the power to shape your life, even amidst the uncontrollable currents.

Imagine water: adaptable, fluid, and capable of taking the shape of any container—a teapot, a glass, or a mason jar. Similarly, you can mold your life to fit your aspirations. Here are practical tools to regain control and break free from the relentless race:

  1. Identify Stagnant Areas: Reflect on different aspects of your life—relationships, living situation, work, finances, social connections, and self-care. Where do you feel stuck or stagnant?

  2. Uncover the Empty Spaces: Specifically list the top three reasons why these areas feel empty. What’s missing? What needs attention?

  3. Envision Possibilities: Dream big! Consider what’s possible in these areas. Is it a fulfilling relationship, a promotion, financial stability, or exciting travel adventures?

  4. Create an Action Plan: Break down your aspirations into actionable steps. List 1 to 5 tasks you can tackle today to initiate change. Small steps add up!

  5. Take Action: Now, armed with awareness and a plan, take deliberate steps. Whether it’s a conversation, a decision, or a commitment, move forward intentionally.


Remember, life need not be a treadmill. You have the power to shape it, just like water adapts to its container. Take that breath, embrace awareness, and reclaim control—one purposeful action at a time. Schedule your free appointment here


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