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How To Create a Digital Vision Board

A man seeing the gifts of life
His vision is the reality

If you are on an iPhone or Mac (Preferred Mac) please use the app: Freeform.

If you are using other devices please use the app: Microsoft Whiteboard.

1. Setting the environment.

1. What’s your favorite music genre?

1. Go on Youtube/Spotify/Apple Music, etc and type it in followed by “Lo-Fi” and start the music. Do your best to not have ads

1. You are looking to find music that speaks to you without words. Words are distracting and can influence your thoughts into a direction that you may not be looking for.

2. Find a comfortable space where you won’t be distracted

1. Have your favorite drink nearby: Coffee, Tea, or a glass of wine

1. You are looking to fill your insides with things you enjoy but not in excess.

2. If you like aromas, set a candle or light some incense

1. The more senses you can arose, the more in-tune your board will be with you.

3. If you’re hungry, have your favorite snacks that are easy to grab and won’t leave a mess.

3. Open your desired app and write the following subjects down on either a paper or in the app you are using

1. Relationships

2. Community/Social Life

3. Physical Life

4. Environments

5. Home

6. Family

7. Materials

8. Foods

9. Traveling

10. Dreams

1. Write down the topics above as many times as you want in the next 60 seconds then close your eyes

2. Envision what these words mean to you. Create your vision in your eye and explore it.

3. Write/Type down your thoughts or verbalize them as you are running wild for the next 3 or more minutes

1. I prefer typing them down as I tend to forget quickly. Typos don’t matter as long as you get the thoughts down.

4. Reflect on what just happened and I you need more time, close your eyes again and dream

1. As you reflect, begin to take the descriptions you wrote down and begin to narrow them down all the way to how they fit into your topics.

2. As you write down the thoughts, you can create your own details and play with the imaginary story that just played out. Be as descriptive as possible

3. Ask yourself the following questions about the stories you just created

1. Where in the world did this take place?

2. Was I with anyone?

3. What was I wearing?

4. What did I look like?

5. I was happy in that moment, where did that feeling come from?

4. Now take those answers and find photos accordingly via your favorite search engine or use

1. If using AI to create your images, write in as much detail as possible that makes sense to you. As previously mentioned there is no right or wrong to this exercise. Be a child and have fun with it.

4. Repeat as many times as needed until you see your board and finally feel that this is complete.

5. Take as much time as needed to complete but no more than a week.

6. Print the board and hang it in a space that you will see on a regular basis

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