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How To Create A Mind Map

a man staring at his possibilities
The Mind Map

  1. Setting the environment.

    1. What’s your favorite music genre?

      1. Go on Youtube/Spotify/Apple Music, etc and type it in followed by “Lo-Fi” and start the music. Do your best to not have ads

        1. You are looking to find music that speaks to you without words. Words are distracting and can influence your thoughts into a direction that you may not be looking for.

    2. Find a comfortable space where you won’t be distracted

      1. Have your favorite drink nearby: Coffee, Tea, or a glass of wine

        1. You are looking to fill your insides with things you enjoy but not in excess.

      2. If you like aromas, set a candle or light some incense

        1. The more senses you can arose, the more in-tune your map will be with you.

      3. If you’re hungry, have your favorite snacks that are easy to grab and won’t leave a mess.

  2. Who are you?

    1. Write down YOUR favorite character traits and your full name.

      1. Example: Becky Jones is loving, beautiful, and courageous

      1. Jot down as many as you can think of and then narrow them all down until you can get down to 3.

      2. Let these 3 words be your guiding light for the rest of your life

        1. These words can change over time but sit and reflect on them. Create a story behind each word and have them mean the universe to you.

      3. Write down your name and the words you are attached to then circle it.

      4. Write down the industries that you have dabbled in over your life or want to explore.

        1. If you have completed your vision board, take a look at it as you are pondering.

      5. Have these industries be your anchors to who you are and connect them to your circle, this is who you are and what industries have reflected on your life.

      6. Take a look at each industry and create smaller circles of each industry.

        1. Be sure that these smaller circles can be broken down again

          1. Example: Travel (industry circle)

          2. Where I have been (circle 1)

          3. Where I am going (circle 2)

        2. If you want to take your smaller circles and break them down further, keep going until you cannot break down any more

      7. Within each industry, be sure to have what you have done

        1. These can be awards, jobs, places, personal achievements, etc

      8. As you are reflecting on each industry and your past, new thoughts of where you are going can arise. These thoughts can be drawn up when looking at your vision board for inspiration.

        1. Write down the new thoughts via new circles. These can be names of a new business, a new place to travel, or even a new industry entirely. There is no right or wrong.

      9. Continue to break down your circles as many times as needed

      10. This board will never be complete, add over time but never remove. There is a reason as to why certain thoughts came up. These reasons may not be apparent at this current moment but it will come to you eventually.

      11. Take as much time as needed but no more than a week.

      12. Place your mind map somewhere you can see it on a regular basis, ideally next to your vision board.

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