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How To Create A Physical Vision Board

A Man overlooking the city of potential
A Man seeing the gifts

  1. Commute to your local bookstore or grocery store.

    1. As you are commuting, play your favorite type of music.

    2. Begin to let yourself think about why you like this music

  2. Before entering the store, close your eyes and take a breath. Think of a word that is meaningful to you.

    1. If you are struggling with thinking of a word, go to the following website and randomly scroll and land on a word.

      1. The word you land on is meant for you. It doesn’t have to make sense but let the world settle with you

  3. Gather your materials

    1. I suggest having a budget of $50 prior to purchasing your magazines and books.

    2. Find a poster board, glue, scissors, and any other scrapping tools you will need

  4. Setting the environment.

    1. What’s your favorite music genre?

      1. Go on Youtube/Spotify/Apple Music, etc and type it in followed by “Lo-Fi” and start the music. Do your best to not have ads

        1. You are looking to find music that speaks to you without words. Words are distracting and can influence your thoughts into a direction that you may not be looking for.

    2. Find a comfortable space where you won’t be distracted

      1. Have your favorite drink nearby: Coffee, Tea, or a glass of wine

        1. You are looking to fill your insides with things you enjoy but not in excess.

      2. If you like aromas, set a candle or light some incense

        1. The more senses you can arose, the more you can connect with your vision.

      3. If you’re hungry, have your favorite snacks that are easy to grab and won’t leave a mess.

        1. Let your inner child be free and explore what is possible. Dream big and wildish. If you begin to let your ego shut down your thoughts, take a breath and keep going.

        2. Reflect on what just happened and if you need more time, close your eyes again and dream

          1. Ask yourself the following questions about the stories you just created

          2. Where in the world did this take place?

          3. Was I with anyone?

          4. What was I wearing?

          5. What did I look like?

          6. I was happy in that moment, where did that feeling come from?

          7. Now take those answers and scour your books and magazines, if you see photos that stand out to you, cut them out and place them onto your poster board. If a design is calling out to you, follow the design. Let your inner child run free.

          8. If you find that you can’t find photos that are calling to you, draw it out, write them down or create it using other photos. There is no right or wrong.

    3. Repeat as many times as needed until you see your board and finally feel that this is complete.

    4. Take as much time as needed to complete but no more than a week.

    5. Once you are complete, be sure to glue/tape everything down and have it secured.

    6. Hang your board where you can see it every day.

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