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How to Design a Productive Morning Routine That Works for You

Morning Routine

Do you wake up pissed off or just not ready for the day? Maybe you feel groggy and just unaware of how you want to feel.

How you start your day is how the day turns out. Take control of the day by preparing your perfect routine. Body Scans, mental scans, movement, stillness, and as many wins as possible. Below I will share my morning routine and the reason behind it. 

5:00a-5:30a: Wake up & in bed: Body Scan

- I will scan my body and mind. I take my time before getting out of bed. I want to know what I'm getting into before I set foot on the ground. 

5:30-5:45: Light Stretching & make bed: move & win

-I wiggle my body from head to toe. I stretch all my joints to see if I'm sore and turn it into a mini dance for personal joy. Making the bed is not only an act of discipline but also my first win of the day. I want to create nothing but wins and I'm in control of this win every day.

5:50a-6:45a: Workout: Create energy 

- Reaching goals is a lifelong journey. I created a perfect 30 to 60 minute workout routine to get me moving like a gymnast which has always been a goal of mine. I leave space for longer workouts or shorter ones depending on when the first session of the day is. 

6:45-7:15a: Meditation: stillness & visualization

- While the body is hot, controlling the mind is the hardest act of the routine. If you can control your mind, you can control the world you live in. 

7:15a-7:45a: Shower: Refresh

- I need to be clean for the day :p 

8:00a-9:00a: Coffee/Tea/Journal Prep: Pay attention to the details

- The last creation of my morning before reaching out and working with the world. 

Every morning, I encourage you to complete the following actions. If you can get the following, I can reassure you that every day will be successful and you will be that much stronger in the long-term.


Body & Mind Scanning 

Blood Flow Increase

Small Win & Creation


Small Win & Creation 

Visualization and/or Action To Life Goals 

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