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⏳ It doesn’t look the same every day ⌛️

We can do the same actions day in and day out and we all hope that we “feel” the same daily. If everything was the same, the earth we stand on would not be what it is today, tomorrow, and so on.

Showing yourself grace gives you the opportunity to accept what is and what isn’t. We are all on our path, our journey, our adventure and it doesn’t go as planned. Taking a moment to reflect on who you are and what you’ve done can go a long way

🧬 Celebrate your uniqueness. Not a single person experienced what you’ve experienced, you are the only you and that is truly astonishing. You’re one of the BILLIONS of people on earth see life as you do. From your wins to your losses, each one is perfectly perfect for you

⌚️ We all want to achieve our goals now. Some people get them sooner rather than later. That’s okay because when you do achieve your goal, it’s perfectly set up for you. Be patient with yourself, even though you aren’t where you want to be today, doesn’t mean it can’t happen tomorrow. Give it your all daily to get closer and closer.

😑 Mistakes suck when you’re in it. There is no doubt about that but when you take a moment to learn from each of your mistakes, I bet you can write a book on the lessons learned. It’s a part of the process, you get to make mistakes to be the best version of yourself.

❎ Don’t forget, the mistakes you had while learning to walk led you to running closer to your goals.

❓When was the last time you showed yourself grace?

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