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Manifesting & Mind Maps & Vision Boards

vision boards, mind maps, and manifesting
The world can be seen from the present

I'm 31 turning 32 this week and I think it's safe to say for my life, things are falling into place as I want them to. Life has a funny way of guiding you in directions that may not be conducive, productive, or meaningful (at the moment) to your life. We are moving through life and many may not have any idea where they are going. For years, I have had others plant seeds in me that I believed to be the best things for my life. I can't explain why I trust people but I do and I trust that their judgment of my life is great for me. I couldn't be so wrong and today, I'll explain why I was wrong about this belief.

Vision Boards

After my first marathon, a friend of mine called me to enroll me in an emotional intelligence program, she explained (planting a seed) that this would guide me in areas of my life that I may not know how to walk through. At the time, I was a top-producing Personal Trainer at Equinox in Los Angeles, in a relationship, and I was trying to convince myself that I was happy.I gave my all to what I was doing but I still felt empty. I was in a relationship that I didn't want to be in but didn't know how to muster up the courage to break it off. I didn't have much of a social life outside of work so unconsciously I gave my all to being a great employee. Knowing I needed something else in life, I spent the money and enrolled in the program, she said once I signed up, things in my life would accelerate and I would need to keep up. I instantly started to get more clients, picked up more classes to teach, and eventually broke up with my partner at the time. Shortly after the breakup, I was invited to go on a trip to Canada and I agreed that my life was speeding up and I was barely holding on. It was exhilarating because I never did so much in a short amount of time, I didn't know this was possible so all of these wonderful things were watering the seeds planted to a "new life." The trip to Canada was eye-opening and it was a great preparation for this emotional intelligence training journey I was getting ready to embark on.

I walked in, saw people I didn't know, was underdressed (athleisure), and instantly questioned what I was getting myself into. I gave my all and after the weekend, I was tasked to complete a vision board, I was a black man born & raised in Southside Queens, and I never even heard of a vision board. I judged the coaches telling me to do this for a moment and eventually, I said "Why not?" I bought the materials, sat down, closed my eyes, and imagined what I wanted in the next year. Community, running, coffee, cooking, friends, and more money. I presented my board to my group and my coach asked me this question I vividly remember to this day, 6 years later.

"Why don't you have a woman or marriage or a relationship on there?" (Planted Seed)

This stood out to me, at the time I was fresh out of a relationship, and getting into a relationship was not even a thought. I didn't care to step into one but I trusted her, I thought about it and found a photo of a relationship I thought wanted within the next year. A few months went by and just about everything on my vision board came true, a relationship, running a marathon, a new community, a social life, a new living space, and pure bliss. A simple vision board that I saw every day allowed me to see what was possible in my life and I took daily steps to achieve everything on that board, mind-blowing manifestation powers. Every year, I'd spend time creating a new board and I even created one with my partner at the time. I learned to love the process of seeing a future I'd have one day but I learned to realize that other people's input should never be inserted into my future. My future is my own and yours is your own, if it includes or excludes someone, it's not good or bad but that's just the way life turns out. The vision boards I created have about 95% accuracy, I'd miss one or two photos within that year and I was always shocked to realize what I've manifested.

If you want to learn how to make a vision board, click this link for a digital process or this link for the physical process and I'll break down how to make one digitally and in person.

Mind Maps

Through my years of being a trainer and a coach, I've inspired hundreds of people globally, through social media, in-person training, online coaching, and now this blog. Through all the years of supporting other's mindsets and ways of being, I forget about all the things that I've done in my life. I have so many awards, achievements, and accolades, and I'm always astonished when I remember what I've done. The hard thing about doing so much for me is actually remembering what I've done. In the past year, I purchased and used MasterClass to study and learn from my favorite celebrities or take notes on people I've never even heard of. During an interview, I was told that I should consider myself, a fitness philosopher, I enjoy philosophy and I enjoy learning but what I really love is questioning every fabric of what we know as human beings. From the moment I learned what being Agnostic was, I instantly switched from being Catholic to labeling myself this. I don't trust humans as those with power are the ones who write history, this is different from the people I said I trusted earlier. Call me ignorant but until proven wrong, the powerful are the ones who guide the majority.

As my life progresses forward, I build more but I question more. These questions fill my head and unfortunately, social media is starting to have me question myself. As I question myself more, hints of judgment, hints of pain, and eventually shame shadow over my mind. I can easily view the world in a dark way and forget that shadows can only be cast if there is light. As I started a class by Elaine Welteroth, she mentioned how important it is to have a Mind Map. instantly I thought, "Wow this couldn't be more perfect." Following the lesson, I scoured the internet to learn and instantly shut off the world to begin working on my Mind Map. I spent days reflecting and meditating on my past and I also jotted down what I'll be creating for my future! The ideas, the possibilities, and the excitement allowed me to see how much light I was casting over these shadows. From being a Varsity Captain of a High School Track & Field Team to being a head coach of a High School T&F team. From Co-Hosting a Podcast to being a featured guest. From never leaving New York City to traveling to Slovenia and Japan. From having overdrawn accounts to making 6 figures gross income, I've come a long way from being just a kid from South Side Jamaica Queens.

Time moves on and people forget what has been done for me to get here. I forgot about the people who put in the work to allow me to get to this moment. Having a Mind Map is a visual representation of what I've created and where I'm going.

The combination of a Vision Board and a Mind Map allows me to not only see where I'm going but it allows me to see where I've come from. If I pause and reflect on my past, I can see the people who allowed me to get to that moment of achievement. Life is way too fun to be caught under the shadow and not have the ability to cast a light. Ahead is a new power of light that I haven't yet grasped but right now, as I stare into the abyss, I reach my hand out to harness the energy to cast more light around the world. I will never rid of any shadows, my own or yours but I want to create the possibility of creating more lights around me and I hope this can guide you to shine even brighter.

With the power of vision boards and mind maps, I learned that allowing others to plant seeds are not as powerful as planting my own. I know how to till my own soil and water my seedlings. I know how the weather affects my crops better than anyone else. I was wrong to let others enter my soil and having my boards and maps as my fence is great protection as I prepare for the next season.

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