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Routine Vs Ritual

We often go through the day just by going through it. Happy to have woken up, happy to have a job, and happy to do the same thing as yesterday.

That’s the reason why I was happy to leave New York City. I woke up in a bed and was going through the same thing over and over again. I remember the exact moment when I was sitting on the R Train going from Brooklyn to the City.

“I’m a part of the rate race.”

In a movie I watched growing up, I saw a bunch of people, random people chasing money. They did whatever needed to do to get that money, stepped on people, manipulated people, and just carried on like nothing happened. Routine. Different environment but the same actions.

I wanted more in life and I instilled curiosity into my life.

Daily I needed to dive deep, I needed to look for more, I needed to leave the rat race. I began to ask myself “What is possible?” This question started to take me over and then I created the rituals. I created the things I needed daily to allow myself to remove every piece of myself from the rat race.

Rituals are what we need to create our own reality. It can be as little as making a cup of tea to allow you to pay attention for the rest of the day or it can be looking in the mirror to remind yourself that you are worthy of it all.

Are you aware of the difference between your daily routines and daily rituals? Do you have any rituals to enhance who you are as an individual? I wake up daily and ask

“What is possible?”

With Mind & Flow Coaching Solutions, these are the questions I coach into. Mind & Flow is not just fitness coaching but it is a reality check for your best life.

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