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Do you know what a Yo-Yo is? That little thing on a string that goes down when you release it and bounces back when you have momentum and pull that string.

We have so many different areas in our life that we just Yo-Yo, starting off strong, letting it drop, then bringing it back. Living with the Yo-Yo Mentality leads to procrastination, tasks being put off, people not having faith in you and a lack of purpose. New Year's Resolutions, in my opinion, are the easiest way to look at Yo-Yo Motivation.

Coming into January, everyone is reflecting and thinking back about all the things you did and didn't do. You realize that certain things were great or simply fell off. The new year comes and you start strong to get closer to your goal. 15 days go by and you've dwindled, instead of being excited to work on that goal, you now dread it, it not has become a task and by day 30 it's now a reoccurring thought.

Now on social media, you're seeing people either talking about sticking with their New Year Resolutions or people giving up on it. You think to yourself "Well, I don't want to be a statistic, let me get back on it." A few days go by and you are working on that goal every other day, then once again 30 days later, that goal is just a thought. You work on that goal once a month, maybe some more but still nowhere near as strong as you started the year off.

You aren't any closer to accomplishing that goal 3, 6, or 12 months in the year. Rinse and repeat.

Let's change that!

Start off small and give yourself rewards. instead of losing 10lbs in January, just focus on losing 1 or maybe 2. See what it takes to accomplish that, learn what was hard and what was easy, and then acknowledge that you hit your goal! Then the following month, you are that much closer to losing your total of 10lbs. You now learn what it took for you to get 1 or 2 released from you then see what it will take to lose 3-4 lbs in the following month. You may even lose some more weight, wow everything seems that much more possible!

Having a large goal and then breaking it down to reasonable and attainable goals creates momentum and once you have that momentum, it's hard to go the other way and stop.

Personally, I set the goal of learning Japanese and being able to watch a 30-minute show in full Japanese and no captions! I started practicing and was on a streak, 15 days eventually became 30 days but the language started to get harder and I was losing motivation! I broke my 45-day streak of learning and was devastated! I didn't come back to practicing Japanese for another 15 days and I knew I had to do something.

Instead of looking at the bigger picture of learning Japanese, I broke down the major goal into 2 separate goals.

  1. Watch Japanese shows in Japanese and captions, see how many words I can hear and see if I can translate the sentences as the show goes on.

  2. Try to practice for 7 days, and get a reward for every 7 days of practicing.

As of 01/08/24, I am on a 114-day streak of practicing Japanese! I've even included Spanish since this has always come easy to me.

I invite you to take a look at your biggest goals and then make them simple! Don't stop reaching for the ultimate goal, just remind yourself there are little wins you can get along the way.

This is one part of a 2 part series and an introduction to the next webinar: "From Barbells To Bare Truth."

I will be going over motivation and creating plans to keep you motivated and excited to achieve any of your goals.


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