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Storytelling is only the beginning

I've dabbled in blogging, I've dabbled in vlogging, I played with my Instagram page, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Threads, and Myspace. I've played with a lot of different avenues to try and get a message out. I ask myself now, what is the message? What am I trying to convey? What am I trying to get across? Who am I trying to talk to? Am I trying to talk to anyone? Questions I ask myself as I endlessly scroll on Instagram.

So what is this about? What is the purpose of going back to my website that I've paid for but never promoted? I think I'm getting to the point of giving up on social media, giving up on the idea of pleasing others with what I post. I want to share what's possible, share what some people don't get to see. Someone messaged me last night that my life is goals, and how I'm pursuing my life is interesting to someone. That is the purpose of social media, I want to inspire people to go after things that they want the same way I'm going after things. Maybe that's what I'm going after with this? I want to get my thoughts out on what's been happening internally with minimal effort. With minimal personal judgment.

I'll get back to posting my vlog but I want to start here. Start small and start easy. I tend to go big and at this time, there is no need to go big. At this time, I simply just want to get a small win, and writing this right now at 7:38 PST is a win. I've journaled, I made a great cup of coffee, I started playing my Japanese philosophy background quotes, and I came here to write this.

Today's small win is simple, it's this. Another win is promoting my thoughts on social media to only inspire others to do the same. If one person can shift there day, I'm happy with what I've created, regardless, I'm happy with this.

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