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Strength & Running: Building a Solid Foundation

Many people believe that running is a sport you can simply lace up and dive into. While that’s true to some extent, let’s zoom out and consider the bigger picture. Running becomes more accessible when you have a strong foundation. When you hit the pavement, whether it’s asphalt or concrete, your body encounters a firm surface. But if your body isn’t adequately prepared for this foundation, injuries can occur.

Soft Surfaces and Kids

Observe kids running—they often play in parks, on playgrounds, and other soft surfaces. Their bodies don’t exert hundreds of pounds of force into the ground without receiving anything in return. Instead, they run and play on forgiving terrain that provides feedback. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t that fortunate unless we’re hitting the trails.

Combatting the Impact

Strength training is the key. Here’s a simple yet effective routine that I recommend to clients and those starting their training journey:

  1. 100 Push-Ups

  2. 100 Glute Bridges or Squats

  3. 100-200 Crunches

By completing this daily, you’ll show your joints some love. This routine targets your entire body and is easily adaptable. If it feels too easy, consider adding a weight vest or adjusting your arm and leg positions. Want to make it more manageable? Try doing fewer reps in each set (e.g., 10 sets of 10 push-ups and squats). Whether you’re at the gym or home, the choice is yours.

Remember, the goal is consistency. No matter how you achieve these reps, completing the routine matters most. Happy training!

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