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😶‍🌫️Revive Your Inspiration: 5 Tips and Tricks for Inspiration

A man in the mountains seeking inspiration

For over 15 years, I’ve been on a journey of training, chasing goals, and navigating the twists and turns of life. But there were moments when my motivation waned, discipline slipped through my fingers, and my fitness took a nosedive. I found myself at a crossroads, discontent with where I stood.

Change became my compass. I tweaked my routine, made subtle shifts, and watched as my inner flame flickered back to life. You see, it’s okay to have seasons of uninspiration; we’re only human. But remember this: don’t get stuck in that rut.

Here are some ways to break free from the inertia:

  1. Acknowledge It: Uninspired? That’s alright. Acknowledge it, but know it won’t last forever.

  2. Take a Different Path: What if you changed your daily route? Maybe a new coffee recipe or a scenic detour to work?

  3. Self-Date: Consider a staycation. Revisit your favorite cafe or restaurant. Make it a shopping day.

  4. Set Attainable Goals: This month, aim for a 5-minute run or commit to the gym once a week.

  5. Journal: Pour your thoughts onto paper. And if you’re feeling bold, set them ablaze or cast them into the sea—a cathartic release to reignite your energy.

My own inspiration waned when I contemplated training for a marathon. But then, I remembered the magic of running. I immersed myself in inspiring documentaries, laced up new running shoes, and plotted a fresh race to conquer. Suddenly, my inspiration surged back to life.

Habits can serve us—until they don’t. When you realize you’re not in love with what you’re doing, pivot. Change your approach, and let movement propel you forward.

Feeling stuck? I’m here. Two discovery calls await you this month. Let’s talk about your dreams, your goals, and the bridge between them.Schedule your discovery call below.

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