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When is the Right Time?

In my journey through the fitness industry, I’ve often heard, “I’m not ready for a personal trainer, I need to get in shape first.” This sentiment, while understandable, has often been a roadblock for potential clients.

Over time, I’ve noticed that those who believe they aren’t ‘ready’ often make little progress towards becoming ‘ready’. This realization was a wake-up call for me, and I can no longer let it slide.

Imagine if I offered you an all-expenses-paid trip to Jamaica right now, would you decline because you’re not ‘ready’? I doubt it. So, what’s the difference between embarking on a trip and hiring a personal trainer? Both are opportunities for growth and stepping stones towards your life goals.

Often, personal development takes a backseat, especially when budgeting. Fitness and wellness are seldom priorities.

But I assure you, when you prioritize your health, everything else in life falls into place more easily and perhaps even quicker than you’d expect.

So, is it your time now, or do you wish to wait longer to achieve the body you’ve always desired? Do you want to become stronger? Lose weight? Or perhaps alleviate that persistent back pain?

Your time is now!

As we move into the latter half of the month, I’m currently accepting two new clients. I believe in quality over quantity, and I don’t work with everyone I meet. I wouldn’t want to do you a disservice if we don’t connect or if my coaching style doesn’t resonate with you. My aim is to serve in as many ways as possible while maintaining my integrity.

If you’re interested in starting a conversation, please follow the link below. Your journey towards wellness could start today!

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