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When we are reaching our version of success, we get lost along the way. I've done it plenty of times. I've gotten distracted by material things or relationships. I put my goals and dreams aside to create momentary satisfaction, then I remembered that I was doing something important.

I created vision boards and set goals with people and asked them to hold me accountable, eventually, I fell off the rails and got back on. In college, my grades went up and then down, I wasn't consistent until I decided exactly what I wanted and I locked in! I decided I wanted to graduate with honors to make up for my previous years of going up and down with my grades. I had the non-negotiable set and will do whatever it takes to get that goal.


No arguing, no debating, no negotiating. This must get done. Your goal is important and you have to remember that. There is a reason why you wanted that goal, do you remember why? If you don't remember why you are working towards your goal then you can easily negotiate your way out of it. I wanted to become an honor student so I could prove to myself that I am not a person that goes up and down. I wanted to break the pattern that I had for years and that reason was more than enough.

What came from that decision was more than I asked for. I was faced with opportunities to go party, my running career was getting more serious, I was dating multiple women, and had every reason to not study. I was dedicated and I was not going to waive off my decision. I created a weekly schedule to stick to every semester, I spent hours in libraries and spent hours with my nose in the books. I WANTED TO GRADUATE WITH HONORS. If people asked me why I was doing what I was doing, I would easily explain to them why I sat in a library for hours. I got to that point because I had to convince myself first.

If you want to lose weight, you want to make a million dollars, you want to travel the world. Ask yourself why then create rules that you CANNOT break. If you know doing 100 squats every morning will get you to lose that weight, let the 100 squats begin. It doesn't matter what it looks like, it doesn't matter how you feel in the moment because when you hit that goal I can guarantee that you are not upset about it. You want to make a million dollars, what's your plan? Will hiring that business coach get you that much smarter and holding you accountable get you to achieve that goal? That discomfort you get when you have to share your results and the discomfort you get when you did things that you didn't think were possible will be worth it when your bank account is filled with 6 zeros & a number 1 in front of them. If you know spending all the money in your bank account will get you from New York to Singapore, when you are eating noodles in one of the best restaurants in Singapore, you will not be upset that you have just enough money to get back to your home and I promise that you will do whatever it takes to go find more restaurants around the world.

You are the one to set the standard and you are the one that will allow those feelings to rule the day.

Motivation is fickle my friend, your goals are not.




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