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Personal Training Testimonials 

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Daniella Capitano

Donovan is as professional at it can get. I’ve seen him train his clients when I lived in New York City and he used to coach at the Equinox Wall Street location. Now that I live in California we had the opportunity to connect and he helped me step up my training game to the next level. His programs are affordable and he tailors them exactly to my needs! I feel like I move better than before. I am confident because I know he is always watching me and gives me the right corrections and feedback. (He also offered me online training during Covid when I couldn’t come in person, so that was awesome!) I am so happy I am able to see him every week!!

Tom Ram

I have worked with Donovan as a client for over 5 years. His energy, dedication to your personal goals and needs, and constant drive to not only learn but apply that learning for YOU, the client, are truly unmatched. He makes movement fun, challenging and rewarding and he is the only person that has ever gotten me to run voluntarily and enjoy it. I came to him with many injuries and limitations and he was never daunted nor has he ever made me feel like my limitations are holding me back. While training with him I feel so good to be in my body, exploring what it can do and progressing. I am very grateful to have Donovan in my corner. He is the best.

Kristanne Thompson

Fit Man

Donovan is an amazing teacher and trainer. My work with him helped me get back into my body, allowing me to move better and feel better. He builds strength from the inside out using exercises and techniques tailored to your specific body. Our work together transformed how I view my body and what it means to be strong.

Donovan was my personal trainer at Equinox for over a year until he decided to leave Los Angeles for Costa Mesa. Donovan is a great personal trainer. He designed a personal training workout program that met my age, needs and objectives. As I built my endurance, I was able to have a solid one hour nonstop workout without feeling exhausted or tired. I never incurred any muscle aches or injuries. Donovan kept a watchful eye to ensure that I was doing the exercise properly, and he increased my pace as I built my endurance. I highly recommend Donovan to anyone who want to achieve a satisfying workout.

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